About Coaching

Coaching is Different for Everyone

  • Some of you can begin to make healthier food and lifestyle choices and see shifts in your health outcomes--for the better in 30 days.

  • Some of you will feel better when you reconnect to your sense of purpose and start navigating by Your Inner Compass and take steps to Make Your Life Come True.

  • Some of You will be ready to live a Soul-Full Life and be in Alignment with Your Core Values.

  • Some of you are entrepreneurs that are ready to run Soul-Led Mission-Centered Businesses.

Whatever part of your life that You Want to Transform... AND IF you are ready to make a change--I'll ask you to commit to yourself, and to take consistent deliberate empowered actions. You will move mountains.

You can have what you want.

You can feel deeply connected to purpose.

You can Create a Life You LOVE.

What Do You Want?

If you want something different in your life, if you want something to change,

Simply choose coaching.


Habit Change Research

Science tells us that it takes 30 days to change a habit, and 60 days to instill a

new one. My 90-day programs are the foundational blueprint for habit

change.  Habit Research also shows that for deep lasting change--you need

an additional 275 days to rewire your limiting beliefs, and kick old patterns to

the curb. Do the math, a complete rewire and total transformation is about

committing to 1 year of living with deliberate intention.

Very Intentional People

  • Are ready for a change

  • Know they need support

  • Are ready to develop a plan

  • Learn to rewire their thoughts and beliefs

  • Take bold consistent action toward what they desire

  • Stay the Course - They Do It Until...

And Voila!   ~  They Transform their Lives --For Good!



Coach Monika Adams
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